How to make FiveM Roleplay Server in 2020 | Part 2

Announcement / YouTube Posts / How to make FiveM Roleplay Server in 2020 | Part 2

Posted: 8 months ago / Sep 21, 2020
Edited: 8 months ago / Sep 21, 2020



Required Softwares

Paste these lines in server.cfg

set es_enableCustomData 1 
set mysql_connection_string "server=localhost;database=essentialmode;userid=root;"

start fxmigrant
start mysql-async
start esplugin_mysql
start essentialmode
start cron
start async
start es_extended
start esx_skin
start skinchanger
start esx_identity
start esx_society
start esx_menu_default
start esx_menu_dialog
start esx_menu_list
start esx_billing
start esx_datastore
start esx_addoninventory
start esx_addonaccount
start instance
start esx_license
start esx_service
start LegacyFuel
start esx_status
start esx_basicneeds
start esx_supermarket
start es_admin2
start esx_jobs
start esx_joblisting


add_principal identifier.steam:11000013fcb94e6 group.admin # add the admin to the group
add_ace resource.essentialmode command.sets allow
add_ace resource.essentialmode command.add_principal allow
add_ace resource.essentialmode command.add_ace allow

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